ales are told of an ancient route referred to as Ve Gold brimming with trading caravans; sometimes wagons travelled 20 wide between Haven and Jall. The gnomes flourished along the Ve Gold and this is where the gnomes in Haven originated. Wars and weather eventually eroded this route to nothing as, it seems, the two do to all.

So a group of gnomes, pioneers, split from the urban center in Haven. There were the opportunistic who wished to find the treasure rumored to be hidden just off the Ve Gold path. The dreamers wished to reestablish the trade route of old. Many couldn’t stand to be without their family. But most of the gnomes were captivated by Ve Gold from wonderlust alone. And, honestly, does a gnome need a better reason?

They decided to call themselves Nyndur, gnomish for “new wonder”. Among these few dozen brave gnomes were children, not 20 summers to their name (young, lively little gnomes they were).

The gnomes have lived a tough life. Nyndur made constant efforts to maintain a sense of humor amidst the struggles that accompany building a new life in a wild place.

Life is hard on the land but it is much harder than it need be. During the many years since Ve Gold’s, many of the worst creatures have made the land home. Some of the bravest gnomes came along to the frontier but no one expected to see this many Ogres and Trolls. Many have died defending the tribe.

For the last two decades the children have been trained with the purpose of replacing your aging elder giant-hunters. They were called the team of dreams, the dreamers, not because they were filled with hopes and wishes (though we can only pray they are) but because they are the subject of everyone else’s. They are who every child wishes to be, and who every woman and man hopes returns. A little over a year ago, the team of dreams was sent out alone on their first adventure, to track an ogre. After only one week, we were brought his head. The elders had decided before that, if they had not been successful, Nyndur would have returned to Haven. Our dreamers are truly the last hope.


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