Session 2

PCs drop out of trees and check things out. Sven forgot that trolls don’t die and almost got in trouble. But no worries. Everyone finds a huge wagon stuffed with something. Kaelin thinks its opium and worth a lot. Mal figures out if Kaelin is correct by throwing a bag in the fire and causing everyone to break edge. PCs decide to turn a profit on their top grade shit. Kaelin gets the leftover goats to drag a giant wagon through dense forest. Gwedhiel, a sexy human ranger lady NPC with a bow, gets sassy and Kaelin takes offense. Gwedhiel says that if the PCs sell the shit in Haven, they’ll get jumped so they should sell it to her guy instead. Or they could always burn it. She hates the dude that would have received the shipment anyway. PCs decide to burn the wagon just outside of the forest. Thing is, it’s a real big fire. A search party of giants and scary things is sent to search for the goods. Gwedhiel forewarns the PCs who buy dogs and ride into the night to meet them. The PCs set up an ambush and end up killing 2 bears, 2 ogres, 2 orcs, 2 bugbears, 3 goblins and a troll. Well, an orc and a goblin booked it. And the ogres were shot by someone else. But still. I think that’s it



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