At first glance, you see your everyday Half Orc Barbarian. Seven feet tall, snarling face, half tanned leather armor, and a sword as tall as you. At closer inspection, you notice a faint glow about his hand and an intellectual glint to his eye. In that instant, you realize he is actually nothing like any Barbarian you’ve ever met.


Hailing originally from the township of Stille, Gorlag was born a bastard child to a young woman violated during an Orc raid from the near mountains. Against the wishes of her parents, she decided to keep her child and run away to Nyndur. Although conceived through pain and sorrow, his mother loved him all the same.

At the age of 5, his mother met a man and married. This man turned out to be an abusive drunk, beating him and his mother on a daily basis. When he was 9, Gorlag woke up in the back of a wagon, unable to remember how he got there. He soon learned that his step-father had sold him into slavery, to a traveling caravan. After weeks of traveling, he was sold again to a troll caravan.

He remained in captivity for another 6 years. In the years spent in slavery, he was mostly used as a pack mule or in coal mines. Eventually, ropes no longer kept him in check. Due to his uncanny ability to channel his anger into miraculous strength, the trolls were forced to resort to using chains. Over time, he learned the weight of his chains so well, he was able to develop familiarity into a combat technique. With this new found knowledge, he was gained the respect of his fellow captives. In due time, he organized an uprising and was able to escape with two dozen other prisoners. After escaping, he and his companions settled in the woods. They build an oasis for anyone once enslaved and began dismantling the slave trade, piece by piece.

After spending some in the woods, he quickly realized his innate Arcane abilities. Once this was discovered, he began to cultivate his talent. After years of self taught discipline and and casting, he’s found himself back in Nyndur to track down the leader of the trolls.


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